Alumnx Exchange Sessions - Semester 1

For the 1st semester of Studium Generale 2023-2024 we organise 6 Alumnx Exchange Sessions.

For each session we’ll invite up to 2 alumnx, who will go into conversation with one of the moderators on

the impact of •technology• on their practice, their authorship and the future of their profession

Structure of sessions

Each session is divided into two parts:
We start with a moderated 45 minute conversation between the invited alumni and Q&A with the audience. The second part of the Alumnx Exchange Session will be set up as an interactive form (workshop or other exercise), where there’s room to jointly investigate the practice of the invited alum.


Thursdays in the KABK Auditorium 18.00- 20.00

Programming 2023-2024


Heads of BA departments



Femke Dekker, Louis Braddock Clarke, Shanna Soh

Visual design

Abel van As