New lecture series Studium Generale: Earth Craft

These last two pandemic years the Studium Generale of the Royal Academy of Art has grown a food forest that we named Wxtch Craft. In twenty-nine conversations and the three zines we explored witchcraft as a queer feminist liberatory practice that is inextricably intertwined with earthcraft: the intimate knowledge of and entanglement with a kindred, more-than-human world.

Making good use of sensuous, embodied tools for knowing, earthcraft is fully aware that there can be no ecological justice without social justice, and therefore commits to become every time more knowledgeable and skilled in regenerative practices that contribute to both.

That’s why for this year, Earth Craft continues to work on these kindred soils that we cultivate in the spirit of reclaiming, the literal and metaphorical healing and rematriation of stolen and damaged land.

Earth Craft Fall Cycle 22/23