What do international students say about their time at the KABK? We asked some of our incoming exchange students to share their experiences:

“Studying at the KABK is a privilege. The huge amount of work students have to do is worthy of the learning and all the structure the school offers. Even facing a much different reality from my background, my time at the KABK has helped me to grow as a student and a person.”

“Use KABK's various facilities extensively. Learn to work with tools that you have never used before. Don't hesitate, everyone will be helpful!”

“Recommended! Just be open and don't be afraid of failure...”

“The KABK is a really good school if you want to do a lot of research and develop your personal interests. You can try to find yourself.”

“Nice social life. Small country, easy to travel around. Plenty of cultural events.”

“I highly recommend the KABK to develop your own work. Since there are many specified departments, by just walking around the corridor, you can see various works that are on going which are really inspiring. In addition, there are many supplies and materials you can borrow or use from the Academy. People working at the KABK are always kind and friendly.”

“The experience with the KABK was crazy from the start, but has been very fulfilling over time. I think it's important to come prepared for failure, and also to work harder than you have done before - because none of the exchange students I met were used to the level of expectations here. It was very nice to have such an international environment, and to see how cultural differences happen in peoples’ work - and how that's allowed and encouraged. No style or media is pushed or forced on you. Most importantly, the environment was very welcoming. It had none of the competition and aggressiveness that sometimes happen in art schools; people were happy to help, and teachers cared if everything was alright in school and outside of it. It has been a great ride, and I'm excited to see what the next semester brings!”

“The KABK is an awesome academy, you should come with an open mind to relate with people from different places and also discover new ways to experience art. Also be prepared to be have a more practical approach to your works and to put yourself in it.”

“The main thing I would say is: be prepared for what you will find here, because it's going definitely be different than what you learned in your home institution. You will find another structure, other ways of thinking and other methodologies that are not better or worse, but are really good to give you another view and enrich your own knowledge and skills.”

“I wanted to study in the Netherlands because of its strong history of art. I knew that the KABK had good workshops and also focused on the technical aspect of art making. I liked that because I feel like my school lacks in technical training.”