Master Industrial Design podcast: design journey #1

21 oktober 2018

The Master Industrial Design is proud to present their new podcast: design journey

Design Journey brings interesting stories about the world of the (industrial) designer. You can subscribe to design journey in Itunes or Stitcher.

In this first Dutch spoken episode of design journey, KABK alumna Lilian van Daal (1988) talks about how she takes inspiration from nature when designing new products. She actively seeks collaborations with both scientists and industrial partners. But what she loves to do most is put ants under her microscope.

Lilian is among the new generation of designers and creators who were supported in 2018 by a Talent Development grant and is featured in the Talent Platform by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie during the Dutch Design week 2018.

This podcast was initiated by coordinator Master Industrial Design Zara Roelse and tutor Merel Kamp and is produced by the Master Industrial Design.