Flip-films of photo books by KABK photography students

9 december 2016

Nowadays, the KABK is known for its vast output of well conceived photo publications which are sold at the graduation show and at book fairs like Unseen, Paris Photo, Offprint London and the like.

“A photo book is photography in the shape of book.”

In 2006 Graphic designer Vincent van Baar got the splendid opportunity to put his love for books into teaching practice when he was asked to join the team of the photography department of the KABK. During their study, Van Baar works with the students on several occasions: in the second year creating a magazine after their field trip abroad. In the third year each individual student makes a publication in the context of an intensive thematic project. In their fourth year many students create a photo publication as part of their graduation.

Now, what happens to these publications, some of which are published in a run of only 2 copies? Luckily Van Baar has collected some over the past 10-odd years. During the exhibition 'My name in 100 colophons' at LhGWR’s project space 150+ items were on view in flat display cases. Every week the cabinets were opened to give visitors the opportunity to turn pages and discuss. Meanwhile KABK students started to produce flip films of the books - on the spot, which are now published online

“You have to come up with a strong title. A good title creates an extra dimension in relation to your photography. And think of a text. I think most buyers like some reading.”

“Book. Don’t mention the word. It might frighten students. ‘Book’ sounds heavy, complicated and expensive. I’d rather call them: publications.”

Vincent van Baar's exhibition 'My name in 100 colophons' was on view at LhGWR (10 December 2016 - 4 February 2017)