Photography exhibition 'Don't Hold Your Breath' by Babyface Colletive

15 januari 2021

Babyface is a group of 44 photography students from different nationalities, studying at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Together they have formed the Babyface Collective and have been organising their group exhibition called ‘Don’t hold your Breath’ to take place 21-23 January 2021.

Babyface emerges from a child-like fascination in deconstructing and mocking the systems that have coddled us to oblivion.

How do we keep breathing in times of trouble, stuck in a system that we cannot control?

Babyface Collectve is making an exhibition on the theme of (dys-)functional systems. As a collective, they are reflecting on the functionality of systems, by investigating social issues in today’s world, while imagining alternative realities. They present their individual projects not only by photographs but also through sculptures, performance art, audiovisual media and interactive works.

‘Don’t hold your breath'
Selection of works by babyface collective

"We are creating an exhibition that intertwines our physical works to the online audience. We are doing this to adapt to the corona regulations of that period but also developing new ways of reaching a digital audience. We want to create something together that works out during a time that sadly has resulted in so many disappointments for the cultural sector and our collective. We reflect on the global pandemic and see this as a source of inspiration and turn our work into an insightful, valuable experience."

The exhibition will take place between 21 and 23 January 2021.
At: The Grey Space in the Middle, Paviljoensgracht 20, 2512BP Den Haag

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Babyface Collective
Babyface Collective