Xue Mu

Artistic Practice: Sculpture

Xue Mu is a visual artist based in Berlin and Amsterdam. She completed her residency at de Rijksakademie (2012) and studied at Dutch Art Institute (MFA 2006) and Gerrit Rietveld Academy (BFA 2009).

Her work encompasses site-specific installations, performances, and art in public spaces. Next to that, she transforms her multifaceted studio exercise into thematic exhibitions, such as Liquid Truth and Black Diamond (2017 and 2014, Gallery Yeo Workshop, Singapore); A Childish Nothingness (2012, Rijksakademie and 2014, De Appel Art Center, Amsterdam); Portrait_Paolo Yao (2013, International de Stilte Festival, Breda); Portrait_IJbert Verweij (2013, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam); Mirror Tower (2018, Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai). Her work has been exhibited in multiple institutions and art fairs in Europe and Asia and acquired for a broad range of collections, including the permanent mural installation Black Diamond_Panorama at the Proviciehuis Friesland.

Using ambiguous aesthetics and elliptical tactics, Mu closely observes and bypasses the inevitable cultural-political and geopolitical dissonances. She focuses on perceptions of value obscured by time, technology, and belief systems. Inspired by the research of psychologists, historians, and philosophers, Mu abides on subjects of the individual's existential struggle and collectivism. Meanwhile, she assembles the unregistered and the overlooked matters, reexamines their silent power, and names them Super Ghosts - the counter presence of the masculine western concept of Super-Heroes.