Sanja Medić

Studio practice

Sanja Medić (1974) is a Serbian/Dutch artist living and working in Amsterdam. In 1999 she graduated from the KABK, after which she obtained a master's degree at the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen. In 2004 she was a resident of the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.

Medic works preferably site-specific. She makes large spatial works - both temporary installations as well as permanent designs for art in public space- a video projection in the Parliament building in The Hague (Free Fall), an interior design for the train station in Breukelen (The Traveler), as well as a giant ceramic library for a facade in Amsterdam (The Batavier). In addition to her site-specific works, Medic creates autonomous work in the form of objects, collages, and photos.

Her diverse practice is committed to both the physical and ephemeral and dedicated to uncovering how we perceive space. In this quest she is guided by 3 overarching aspects: dimension, time and light. Medic’s designs often shift between two and three-dimensional and play with our perception of imaginary and physical space.

The aspect of time is reflected through repetition, pattern, rhythm and sequence, as well as deviations within these methods. Light and its relation to space and its different dimensions is currently expressed through exploration of glass as material.

She has been teaching sculpture at the 1st year of Fine Arts department at the KABK since 2018.