Renata Mirón

Artist/book designer

Renata’s art practice is a continuous research on the politics of identity, how knowledge is produced and how these have an effect in how realities are constructed. Her work is deeply informed by her personal diasporic and mestiza* experience.

Through her personal lens she investigates the embodied historical trauma of colonization and the feminized knowledge-production practices subjugated by it. Mythopoesis, or fictionalized mythologies, play a primordial role in my art making.

She redirects the attention to feminized practices of knowledge production and literary, mythological or historical figures whose stories have often been employed to justify the subjugation of marginalized people to a dominant masculine, extractivist force, sustaining their alleged natural inferiority. She engages in a constant rereading and rewriting of these practices, myths and stories as a way to subvert the dominant ideology with feminist thought and imagination, as she believes feminism, fantasy and speculation are fundamental tools to arrive at unexplored geopolitics.

With her art she aims to establish fragmentation as a powerful position from which to construe identities and realities. She proposes identity and reality are in constant transformation, rejecting notions of purity and wholeness as a fundamental constant in her work. Through her cognitive framework and her artistic methodology she formalizes and enacts affective, symbolic and spiritual politics.