Maya Rasker

After a career as creative producer in the film industry, Maya Rasker (1965, Málaga) turned her ambition to writing; essays, journalism, theatre, scenario.

With her prize-winning debut Unknown Destination (2000) she made her entrance in the world of literature. Her work is published in the United States, Spain, Russia, Germany, Hungaria and Turkey.

In 2012 she completed the Master in Artistic Research (Universiteit van Amsterdam). Her thesis, on the position of the author after publication of the work, was appreciated with cum laude. As lecturer at the Royal Academy of the Arts, The Hague and other MA and BA art institutes, she designs and teaches courses on writing and (artistic) research, on the transformation of the autobiography, and on the notion of 'the beginning' in art production and research.

Rasker worked as Research Coördinator for the School of Media at the University of the Arts Utrecht between 2014 and 2016. A PhD candidate at Leiden University, Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, she investigates the realtion between creative writing and academic research by means of composing an “academic novella”.

Docent bij de studies