Frank Lisser

Studio practice

Frank Lisser competed studies in Dutch language and literature (1981) and graduated in Fine Art classical painting at Minerva (1986). The first years after graduation, Lisser worked as a traditional painter by making big commissioned murals as a look-a-like of the frescos made during the Italian Renaissance.

From 1990 onwards, Lisser turned to a much more observation-based research of the daily life and surrounding and painted like a documentary-maker suburban landscapes with the aim to create an uncanny atmosphere within a well-known context. In 2001 Lisser started working on a diary (now around 4200 little paintings) as a recording of a daily useless activity.

As a painter Lisser observes the world not as an objective reality but as a phenomenological construction in which he tries to avoid any expression.

After wining the NRC essay prize in 1999, Lisser wrote essays about contemporary topics in art in an art-magazine called De Nieuwe and introduction-texts in catalogues up to 2018.

Frank Lisser teaches Fine art at Minerva (1990-till today), has given classes at the Rietveld (1994 till 2004) and since 2008 has been taching at KABK an orientation on painting for the first-year Fine Arts students.