Ewoud van Rijn

Studio practice

Ewoud van Rijn is team leader and studio practice tutor of the section Painting-Printmaking at the BA Fine Arts programme.

In his artistic practice Van Rijn is interested in how art, science and spiritual currents in culture overlap and inform each other; how, since the scientific revolutions of the modern age, art and spirituality adopt science’s strategies of knowledge production but allow space for and explore intuition and the irrational.

Historiographical research basically informs this practice; Van Rijn follows the developments in historiographical research in modern and contemporary spiritual currents and explores through various artistic strategies their themes and subjects under the collective title: The Archaic Revival Research. A versatile body of work, ranging from prints to painting and from publications to performance has materialized from this research and has been exhibited widely in the Netherlands and abroad.

Van Rijn strongly beliefs in the necessity for artists to create their own networks and presentation and publicity platforms. Throughout his career he’s been involved in creating and running artist initiatives (Quartair, Room, Het Wilde Weten) and co-initiated a presentation/research platform for artist publications in Rotterdam: PrintRoom.