Bram de Jonghe

Studio practice

Bram De Jonghe is a Belgian artist, born in Ostend 1985, who lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands.

His approach is that of a sculptor. His works derives a history from working on location within the exhibition space on the one hand, and working in the studio on the other. These come together in spatial interventions. The principles he often works with are; the language of sculpture, the mould and its resulting negative, isolation of actions, associative thinking, beach-combing

He believes that imagination should not have a fixed point, it can gravitate around certain areas of strong interests, around certain compelling territories. Bram believes in man as creator, solver, finder. The gestures he makes as an artist are not merely aesthetic or originated from a critical attitude towards the history of art. He generally uses a combination of disparate things, so that something emerges from it, which humanizes a coded beauty.

Bram De Jonghe CV 2021