Anne Hoogewoning

Theory & Writing tutor

Anne Hoogewoning teaches the THEORY course at the Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE). The course links theoretical and intuitive insights of both theorists and students to practical case studies. Working on these shared case studies familiarises students with both theoretical and practical concerns in spatial design.

Anne Hoogewoning studied Architecture History at the University of Amsterdam. After her studies she was project assistent in the Collections and Exhibitions Department at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (now The New Institute) at Rotterdam, and part-time staff officer of Europan Nederland. During these years she was co-editor and co-author of 5 editions of the ‘Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands’ (2000-2005) and active as a freelance researcher, editor and image editor on several publications.

For more than twelve years Anne worked as a Design and Architecture Coordinator at two cultural public foundations; from 2001 – 2011 at the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture and from 2012- May 2013 at the Creative Industries Fund NL. Since then Anne is active as an independent researcher, writer, tutor, advisor and fundraiser within the field of Design and Architecture. in 2014 she organised together with Bonnie Dumanaw an exhibition and award ceremony for the Dutch Doc Photo Foundation. Anne Hoogewoning is Member of the Board of the Van Doesburghuis Foundation, Meudon/Paris and ArchiNed (The Architecture Site of the Netherlands).