Adam Broomberg

Adam Broomberg is an artist, educator and activist. He is a professor at Hfbk and teaches on the MA Photography and Society at The Royal academy of Art in The Hague. His most recent book, Glitter in my wounds, a collaboration with the poet CAConrad and the transgender activist Gersande Spelsberg will be published by MACK next month.

We are very focused on peer-to-peer situations. Our program is based around the idea of the encounter; that every encounter leads to others, and are able to be re-traced. Nobody ever tells you what they really think of your work. As an art student it is almost impossible to get good feedback, and once you leave college it gets worse. As a Photography & Society student at KABK, you will learn to give and receive feedback in a safe environment. You will learn the necessary skills to listen, reflect and find the right questions. Honest and constructive feedback is at the core of our program.
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Q&A in Der Greif

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