Adam Broomberg

Artist, Practice supervisor (MAPS)

Adam Broomberg (born 1970, ZA) is an artist and a professor of Art at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg. He was one half of Broomberg & Chanarin whose 23 year-long forensic examination of the photographic medium engaged a range of strategies from large format analogue film to images created by algorithms, all in search of the very source-code of photography. Their work is held in many international collections including MoMa, The Tate Modern and The Centre Georges Pompidou.

Broomberg is an artist, activist, and educator. He established the collective Artists & Allies in Berlin and his most recent project is “Glitter in My Wounds” a collaboration with the poet CA Conrad and the Transgender actress and activist Gersand Spelsberg which will be published by MACK books in October. He lives and works in Berlin. In 2021-22 he is curating a talk series in collaboration with MA Artistic Research and MA Photography and Society (MAPS). He is also practice supervisor for MAPS.