Under Your Wings: Three generations KABK Fine Arts sculpture alumni

We are very happy to invite you to the exhibition Under Your Wings, showing works of three generations KABK Fine Arts sculpture alumni Anka Duport, Jacqueline Petit and Elena Rosa.

The exhibition gives a peek into a family history where art always has been the core and takes you through different time frames, portraying the most important line of connections. These connections are rooted in the deep base of love, for each other, for the world, and for the unknown.

The exhibition will take place at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN The Hague, in Gallery 1 & 2 from 8 - 11 November. Art historian Michael van Hoogenhuyze will give a speech during the opening on Tuesday, 7 November 17 - 20h.

We look forward welcoming you!

Under Your Wings

Opening: Tuesday, 7 November 17 - 20h (doors open at 16h)
Exhibition on view: 8 – 11 November; daily open 13 – 17h, on Saturday 11 November 10 – 14h.


Elena Rosa (b.1996) a visual artist who recently graduated at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2023.
She was raised in Leiden where her mom (Jacqueline Petit) had an art gallery. While living besides the art world, observing long dinners, artist talks, exhibitions and the difficulties of standing your ground as an artist and gallerist, she found her interest in writing music to display the role of the observer. Inside the music existed the longing for making these ambiances of happenings and places tangible. With this realization Elena started to discover a different way of storytelling by script-writing and creating material-based sculptures and installations. Where she found her interest in what lays in-between the cloud of ideas and the art work.

Jacqueline Petit (b.1959) studied at the KABK from 1987 until 1991 where she graduated from the sculpture department. She often tries to claim space in her work. She requires a physical presence from the work and from the viewer, concentrating attention on specific locations. In 2004 she started her gallery Le Petit Port in Leiden. Where a large display window illuminated 24 hours a day exhibiting the works of many artists, this also felt like a work in which it was important to her that it was part of the living environment. Discussions on the street about the art shown were a nice part of this. It lived its own life.

Anka Duport (b.1933) studied at the KABK sculpture. She can still remember clearly her teachers from then, among others Dirk Bus. Unfortunately, Anka had to stop her studies due to unexpected circumstances. However, she never stopped making sculptures. In recent years she mainly worked with stone and stained glass.
She also wrote music and lyrics for the women's cabaret group Sjapo who did perform throughout the country for many years.



7 november 2023 17.00 - 11 oktober 2023 14.00


Gallery 1 & 2, KABK

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Opening: Tuesday, 7 November, 17 - 20h