Studium Generale: 'Step Up and Be the Director' - Shay Kreuger

Lecture by Shay Kreuger

Shay is a firm believer that everyone should take upon themselves the task to direct their lives.

When you realize that you are the director of your life you will realize that the decisions you make, the thoughts you have, the things you surround yourself with, impact your life in such a manner that it will help you grow... or not.

Through her work for FunX radio Shay became a spokesperson for young people with a range of different backgrounds. During the series For The Record by Het Nieuwe Instituut she moderates debates on music and videos as a way to address global issues. Her presence and way upon the stage will make her a key figure in coming cultural debates.

Shay (Sheyveca) Kreuger (Rotterdam, 1981) started her career as a radio and tv reporter in 2007 at FunX radio. She works as a presenter, moder­ator and reporter. She participated in programs by Jörgen Raymann, worked as a reporter for 2Doc and NPO Radio 2 and was invited by De Wereld Draait Door to par­ticipate in a cultural debate on Beyoncé. She recently produced her own documentary series about writing letters to prisoners called Brieven van Pancho. She also performs as a spoken word artist throughout the Netherlands.



7 februari 2019 16.00 - 17:30


KABK Auditorium