Studium Generale - Hans Hoeken

An aspect of our theme for Studium Generale is ‘the transmission of stories’ and we invited professor Hans Hoeken to talk about this subject. There is abundant evidence for the impact stories can have on what we believe to be true, on what we consider desirable, and even on how we act. Far less is known about the processes responsible for this impact and the extent to which strategic language use can evoke and guide these processes.

Tall tales

KABK Studium Generale Lecture 'Tall tales' by Hans Hoeken
KABK Studium Generale poster for Hans Hoeken's lecture on 30 November (poster series designed by Dayna Casey, alumna KABK Graphic Design)

In this lecture, Hoeken will discuss research on why people are so fond of stories as well as on how they influence our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour. He will show how stories are used by journalists, advertisers and politicians to achieve their goals and discuss why stories, even those for which the audience knows that they are made up, may be more successful than rational arguments.

Bio – Hans Hoeken (Weert, 1965) is professor of Communication & Information Studies at Universiteit Utrecht. His research focuses on how communication can affect people’s opinions and behaviour and he is particularly interested in the role played by arguments and stories in this process. His research has been published in international journals, such as: Journal of Communication, Journal of Advertising, Communication Theory, and Thinking & Reasoning. He is also co-author of Overtuigende Teksten (Persuasive Texts) a (Dutch) monograph on how the design of persuasive documents can influence the persuasion process’ outcome.



23 november 2017 16.00 - 17:30


Auditorium KABK

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