Studium Generale - Cyril van Sterkenburg

Cyril van Sterkenburg will take us into the world of creative agency Vandejong. Based in Amsterdam, they develop new formats for an ever-changing world through challenging ideas which they translate into economically sustainable formats.

Studium Generale poster for the lecture by Cyril van Sterkenburg
Studium Generale poster and promo video designed by Dayna Casey, alumna KABK Graphic Design

What's in a name?

Van Sterkenburg will talk about the topics such as how to develop a brand concept, or how can you lay a solid basis for communication. Or more specific, how can you create an ecosystem that allows you to relocate borders? On the basis of projects by Vandejong she will give us insight into their way of working.

A project Vandejong is proud of is Unseen, a photography fair in Amsterdam. Lately more platforms for photography have appeared but only a limited amount of new photography finds its way to the international market. Unseen is an international fair focused on yet undetected talent and unseen work of established photographers. The name Unseen compresses all the intentions and plays with the essence of photos. They are there to be seen.

Bio – Cyril van Sterkenburg (Buren, 1978) had yet to graduate from her Masters in Communication when she joined Vandejong as an intern in 2004. Over a decade later she still hasn’t left, and went from intern to creative strategist to director as of January 2017. Getting to the core of a concept is her favourite part of the job. But office hours don’t limit Cyril’s creative reach – she’s the chairman of Stichting Art Projects, treasurer at Stichting Konsort and secretary for the 1000 Ideas Foundation. In the free time that’s left, she still enjoys the occasional internship. She recently ruled the kitchens at Choux for a night as culinary intern, spreading her creative vision over vegetables and roasted potatoes.



9 november 2017 16.00 - 17:30


Auditorium KABK

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