Paracetamolophony performance during Spring Festival - afgelast

In het kader van de nieuwe maatregelen i.v.m. coronavirus blijft Korzo tenminste t/m 6 april gesloten

Paracetamolophony is an educational collaboration between the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) and the Royal Conservatoire (KONCON). Students of the KABK and KONCON have collaborated making new instruments and with that compositions, resulting in this performance.

This performance is part of Spring Festival.


It is just a funny project.
Everything is so different.
No name, just pleasure.
Steel or wood mostly.

I did not think about it.
Don’t put things on top.
9 points, well deserved.
Re: Sound.
No title at all. Citron soup.
Steel wave, cold like the sea.
Grote Kapsalon with kip.
Emergency exit free please
Check for updates.

Object noise.
Sound on purpose.
Please touch the object(s).
Feel free to play.
Instruments made with eyes and hands, no ears.
Ear objects.

I cannot feel my hands anymore, but it is alright, sleep tight.
Orchestra not found.

Initiative and concept:
Gert Dumbar (KABK)
Martijn Padding (KONCON)

Participating students KonCon:
Hugo Bell
Robert Coleman
Henry Golden
Brisa Fumero Gonzalez
Adam Jasienuk
Soley Sigurjonsdottir
Arie van de Ven

Participating Students KABK:
Lema Ahmadi
Yannis Androulakis
Jeremi Biziuk
Guglielmo Bozzoli Parasacchi
Iver Dahl
Marco Dell’ Abate
Victor de Groot
Melisa Hadimoglu
Nikolas Magkriotis
Lily Onstenk
Leonard Prochazka
Thi Truong
Biko Wouterse

David Alonso Cid
Ricardo Oliveria
Christian Smith
Orlando Velazquez
Nerea Vera

Dienand Christe (KABK)
Gert Dumbar (KABK)
Brecht Hoffmann (KABK)
Hugo Morales Murguía (KONCON)

Technical Guidance and Light Design:
Bas Vissers (Korzo)

KonCon Coordinator
Erika Bordon

KABK Coordinator:
Niki van Strien

Supported by the Municipality of The Hague.



31 maart 2020 19.30 - 21:00


Korzo Theatre

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