Research Presentation & Performances: Mixing Methodologies in ArtScience Research

On the 18th of November, the ArtScience Interfaculty organises, in collaboration with the New Platform for Arts Research in Collaboration (PARC), an inspiring evening with research presentations and (sound) performances related to the theme of mixing methodologies used for ArtScience research projects.

It will feature the research-in progress presentation and audiovisual performance of Louis Braddock Clarke, a lecture of Ksenia Federova and the performance and presentation of Rodrigo Delso and the Zoöp DataFasion ArtScience Team. This event is part of the 'ArtScience DataFusion project'.

This is a public, free event for anyone who wants to join. Find more information here.

ArtScience DataFusion project

Zoöp DataFusion is an installation and on-going research project created by ArtScience interfaculty students. Zoöp DataFusion is part of the exhibition 'Have we met?' Humans and non-humans on common ground, organised by Het Nieuwe Instituut for the 23rd Triennale Milano International Exhibition.

Participating students are: Philipp Groubnov, Christine Hvidt, Andrzej Konieczny, Alexander Köppel, Leon Lapa Pereira and Vivien Vuong, guided by Rodrigo Delso (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid) and Eric Kluitenberg (ArtScience interfaculty).

The digital and analogue sensors of Data Fusion Instrument register vibrations, heat traces, sound frequencies, electromagnetic waves, the smell and spread of pollen, the conductive capacity of mycelia growing underground, and the slow changes of humidity in the air. It has been installed in Het Nieuwe Instituut's garden since spring 2022, where it reads a space 30 metres wide by 30 metres long and 3 metres tall for eight months. Data Fusion Instrument registers changes that tend to escape human senses, either because they are too small, too slow, or because they occur in inaccessible areas. The instrument then fuses the different layers of data into a new representation of that volume of biosphere, bringing all the captured changes together in a new form that humans can directly experience.

On July 13 The Dutch Pavilion of Het Nieuwe Instituut of which the project Zoöp DataFusion was part, has won the Golden Bee Award at the XXIII Triennale di Milano.

The 23rd Triennale Milano Exhibition and ‘Have we met?” is open to the public on Friday July 15, and continues till 11 December 2022.



18 november 2022 17.00 - 20:30


New Music Lab (6th floor), Amare, The Hague