Wai Lun Hsu

Wai Lun Hsu (HK) studeerde in 2018 af aan de KABK in de masteropleiding Artistic Research.

Genomineerde afdelingsprijs MA Artistic Research 2018

Afstudeerproject 2018

The Rise of Modern China (2018)

The title of the work is derived from a scholarly historical book of the same name–The Rise of Modern China, which was first published by Oxford University Press in the US in 1970. Originally written in English, it was translated and published in Traditional Chinese in Hong Kong in 2001, and in Simplified Chinese in China in 2008 respectively. In China’s edition, 11 chapters, over 200 pages were erased. The work appropriates and republishes all the removed pages from the original book. Most of the content were unidentified, except the number of year (Gregorian calendar). It is not only addressing the (wellknown) censorship in China, but also in attempt to think about the notion of historiography, and how national histories were written.