Tina Jeranko

Tina Jeranko (SI) studeerde in 2018 af aan de KABK in de bacheloropleiding Beeldende Kunst.

Eervolle vermelding afdelingsprijs Beeldende Kunst 2018

Afstudeerproject 2018

zblojeni shojeni

A stream of thoughts, a performance, a monologue divided between a few performers acting it out. You were right, it is mine, it is fine. About the monologue, how many characters do you have inside? Do you ever count? Does it matter? Please be kind and gentle in wretched and stretched atmosphere, it can break. So many states of mind, switching so often, don’t have to focus on any, go with them, ride as they come, as they go. Are you sure you want this? Precision in decision making process.

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