Timothy Scholte

Timothy Scholte (NL) studeerde in 2018 af aan de KABK in de bacheloropleiding Textiel en Mode.

Genomineerde afdelingsprijs Textiel en Mode 2018

Afstudeerproject 2018

Become a Mary-Ann, Change Your Body for Desire

My graduate collection is about changing the body for desire based on the story of ‘Fanny&Stella’, two men who dressed themselves as woman to attract the gaze and sexual desires of other men in Victorian England. The collection is focused around one female object in particular, ‘the crinoline’. This is a circular metal constructed hoop skirt that created the illusion of wider hips to gigantic proportions. In my collection I explore the idea of creating metal constructions that change the shape of the male body, creating surrealistic but recognizable shapes and applying this to the body. Each constructed metal object is combined with an archetype clothing piece that is mainly associated with male social criteria.

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