Miljoenennota 2014: What’s inside the koffer?

After being granted special access to the financial data forecasting the state budget for 2014, third year Graphic Design students carried out extensive research to re-contextualise the information from the Miljoenennota 2014. The resulting projects included innovative and critical views on the economic figures, often extending our common understanding of data visualisation.

The results were presented in the exhibition ‘What’s inside the koffer? – Reflections on the Miljoenennota’, which opened on 4 February 2014 at the Ministry of Finance, The Hague.

What’s inside the koffer? – Reflections on the Miljoenennota

Third year Graphic Design students were given special access to the financial data for proposed governmental spendings and income for 2014, as made public in the annual Miljoenennota on Prinsjesdag in 2013. Their task was to carry out extensive research and re-contextualise the information, statistics and figures from the Miljoenennota. Resulting projects are innovative, imaginative and personal new forms extending our understanding of data visualisation.

Projects include interactive and audio-visual works as well as printed publications and posters.In current times our world economy is ruled by capitalistic excess, unpredictable markets and people-induced crisis. Dutch education, specifically in the arts, is facing sharp budget cuts affecting the cultural producers of tomorrow. The works of the students from the KABK stand as strong testament to the intellectual quality of the upcoming generation.What’s inside the koffer? is a project collaboration between the Graphic Design Department of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) and the Ministry of Finance.

Graphic Design student Tereza Rullerová was awarded a grant by the Dutch Ministry of Finance for her project ‘Dutch Education’.

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Ministry of Finance


Exhibition with interactive and audio-visual works, printed publications and posters