The Wagner Experience, Rheingold on the Rhine

200 years after the birth of Richard Wagner, his celebrated opera Das Rheingold and the symphonic show The Wagner Experience was performed in and on the River Rhine. Eight students of The Royal Academy of Art designed the visual projections for the show.

Artist impression of the video-art of the Royal Academy of Art, shown in The Wagner Experience.

The Wagner Experience is a cooperation of music and video art, projected on a large cinema screen, comparable to popular concepts as 'Earth' and the 'Live Lord of the Rings' of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. The video-art is made by senior students of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK), in combination with famous fragments from movies inspired by Wagner. In creating these, the KABK was inspired by the music, from Beethoven to Wagner and from hip-hop to film, within the theme "Wagner in the 21st century".