'Spacial Design' for Bradford Space

Bradford Space Engineering has invited the students of I/M/D 3rd year to research and design concepts for the next generation of space station facilities and the next generation microgravity work and living spaces.

The challenge will be to imagine a provocative and inspirational environment that is suitable for both commercial and professional space travel.

With the advent of the new commercial space industry, the role of space facilities are changing. Companies such as SpaceX, Bigelow Aerospace, Axiom Space and NanoRack are planning new space facilities and space stations / habitats for citizen explorers, space manufacturing, microgravity research and even tourism & hospitality.

Commercial space stations will need to have workspaces to confine experiments, hazardous materials or other things, but the uses will be different. They will serve as living spaces for commercial travel or even personal needs.

Participating students

Adam Centko, Christian Eckert, Joelle Galloni, Clara Gradel, Fenna de Jonge, Maarten Keus, Arina Livadari, Kristýna Markovičová, Marlot Meyer, Jeremy Raider, Carmen Roca Igual, Jara van Teeffelen, Tomislava Vankova.


Anja Hertenberger, Janine Huizenga

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