Fabrics and Fabrication - TextileLab, De Waag

Onder begeleiding van o.a. TextileLab Amsterdam werken 10 studenten van de Master Industrial Design (MID) aan ontwerp-projecten gericht op de onethische en milieuonvriendelijke realiteit van de huidige textiel- en kledingindustrie.

During the Bioplastics workshop held at the Waag in Amsterdam on Monday 7 November 2018, the students worked on designs aimed at the unethical and environmentally unfriendly reality of the current textile and clothing industry.

The workshop, with particularly colourful results, was given by Ista Boshard and Cecilia Raspanti of the TextileLab and focused on the topic of BioFabricating materials. The session consisted of a lecture giving an overview of possibilities, techniques, key world-wide researchers active in the field and a collection of recipes. The hands-on session gave students the opportunity to experience how to create their own bioplastics and bio-silicones, by following and tweaking recipes.

Deelnemende studenten

Elina Alekseeva, Alessandro Celli, Marion Dupuis, Teresa Feldmann, Elena Genesio, Sandipan Nath, Honor Newman, Lucija Novosel, Isabella Monaco, Kevin Shek.