INSIDE goes urban in Den Haag ZuidWest

22 februari 2023

INSIDE 2022-2023, Semester 2 - Studio 3 Urban

The studio Urban of the Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) for semester two in the 2022-2023 academic year will take place in The Hague.

The project is developed in cooperation with The housing department of The City of The Hague/department for placemaking (Jeroen Laven-Herman de Kievith) and will center around the former bicycle shop at the Van Baerlestraat 87-89 in The Hague Moerwijk, where the City starts a 'Youth-hub'. From there INSIDE will look for possibilities to collaborate with local parties.


For the assignment in the second semester, we focus on a site in The Hague Zuid-West, a post-war district where many changes are in the making (see presentation and plan). The Placemaking Department of the municipality of The Hague helped us find a workspace in Zuid-West and guides our project within the cooperation with housing companies.

The students use a variety of research tools to build knowledge about and relationships with the neighborhood. From these, they filter relevant challenges for the INSIDE research area of 'the relationship that people, as users, have with their immediate living environment'. From these challenges, the participating students develop a series of spatial design proposals for (temporary) interventions in the public or enclosed space of the neighborhood to strengthen the most diverse places where people come together and communities emerge.

Tutors involved

- Hans Venhuizen - Head of department and Travel Tutor
- Erik Jutten - Studio Practice Tutor - Project coordinator
- Gerjan Streng (Cloudcollective) Research Tutor
- Anne Hoogewoning - Theory and Writing Tutor
- Diederik de Koning en Laura van Santen (la-di-da) - Design Tutor
- Jillian Chen (superusechina) - Flows Tutor
- Mauricio Freyre - Skills tutor Film narrative
- Neeltje ten Westenend - Skills tutor On site exploration
- Tjyying Liu - Skills tutor Presentation
- Esther de Vries - Skills tutor Graphic Design
- Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius (raumlaborberlin) - Guest tutor from Artschool Frankfurt (tbc)