Fundraiser: Prints by Photography collective Hatch

4 juni 2021

Photography graduates from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), the Hague, join forces with the Sexual Assault Center (Centrum Seksueel Geweld). The students organize a fundraiser (online print sale), as a part of their graduation campaign, and donate half of the profits to SAC. After graduation, the photographers and SAC will work on an awareness campaign.

Photography students stand up against sexual violence in the Dutch art world


The collaboration with the Sexual Assault Center is our response to an article published in NRC Handelsblad on October 30th, 2020 (How an artist makes a career under persistent allegations of sexual assault and rape by Lucette ter Borg and Carola Houtekamer) and to the investigations that followed within the walls of our academy. By teaming up with the Sexual Assault Center we promote their work, take a stance against sexual violence in the Dutch artworld, and – most importantly – show solidarity with survivors. We want our graduation campaign to contribute to positive change in the art world.


Hatch is a collective of 41 Dutch and international photography graduates from the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague.

Sexual Assault Center

The Sexual Assault Center (Centrum Seksueel Geweld) offers free forensic, medical and physical help to all victims of sexual assault and rape. The center has sixteen locations spread all over the Netherlands. Each location has a team of doctors, nurses, police and other care workers ready to provide specialized care.

Call or chat (free and anonymous) 24/7


The collaboration consists of two parts. An online print sale that starts on Monday, May 31st, and runs until Monday, June 14th. The print sale will be followed by an awareness campaign that will be developed after graduation. Details will follow.

Online print sale

By buying a print you support both the realization of the graduation show as well as the wonderful work of the Sexual Assault Center. Supporters will receive a beautiful art-print at home.

The prints are available for 65,- each or two for 100,-.
All prints are 210mm x 310mm.
They are printed on 310 gram Canson platine (satin) or Canson rag (matte) art-paper.

Dividing costs
For each print .17,- production costs are deducted.
A 65,- print
65 – 17 = 48
48 / 2 = 24 to The Sexual Assault Center & 24 to our grad show.

A 50,- print (2 for 100,-)
50 – 17 = 38
38 / 2 = 19 to The Sexual Assault Center & 19 to our grad show.

We are very happy to collaborate with Fotolab, a leading professional lab in Amsterdam. They specialize in the printing and finishing of both analog and digital photographs and will be printing, handling and shipping our prints.