Virginie Gauthier

Professional Practice Skills

Virginie Gauthier (1991, FR) is an independent graphic designer based in Amsterdam. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the Fine Art School of Lyon (2013), and a master’s degree from the Werkplaats Typografie (2015).

After her graduation, she worked on various projects with and for the graphic design duo Mevis & Van Deursen, while establishing her own studio in parallel. Her practice spans a variety of disciplines, from the conceptualisation of visual identities to web design and bookmaking, mainly in the cultural field. She nurtures a strong interest in editorial design, narrative apparatuses and genuinely enjoys typographic arrangements.

Now and then, you can find her using her skills as senior designer for the magazine Fantastic Man, or helping out the MA students of Critical Fashion Practices (ArtEZ, Arnhem) when taking on the role of tutor to discuss structural and visual issues.