Quinsy Gario


Quinsy Gario is a contemporary artist hailing from Curaçao and St. Maarten. Two islands that share Dutch colonization. His practice is fuelled by unsettling colonial structures and decolonial remembering. This sometimes gets him into trouble. In 2011 he was arrested during the performance of his piece Zwarte Piet Is Racisme. He has gone on to create a series of works that dissect how the racist figure was being protected through various mechanisms in the Netherlands. His current work looks at instituting otherwise and involves close collaborations with friends and family.

Together with Glenda Martinus and Jörgen Gario, his mother and brother, he was awarded the 2015 Amsterdam Fringe Festival Silver Award. He also received the Hollandse Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs 2011, The Kerwin Award (2014), The Dutch Caribbean Pearls Community Pearl (2014), The Black Excellence Award (2016) and Royal Academy Master Thesis Prize (2017). He is a graduate of the Master Artistic Research 2015-2017, Humanity In Action Detroit Fellow 2017, BAK fellow 2017-2018, APASS 2019-2020 participant and a Critical Studies Research Fellow 2020/2021.