Niels Vis

Niels Vis is a tutor in the Preparatory Year at the KABK.

Since 2004, he has been working with Merel van ’t Hullenaar on projects that focus on contradictions between the human experience of time and scientific definitions of time. Through several installation pieces, such as -1 MomentaaN (’04) and Simultaneous Models (’07), they aim to rearrange conventional experiences of past, present and future for the spectator. In addition to collaborating on projects as a duo, they have realised work as independent artists, formed collectives with other makers and were sometimes more active as mediators. They each participated in an MA program: Vis at the Piet Zwart Institute (2005-7) and Van ‘t Hullenaar at the Sandberg Institute (2003-5). The multidisciplinary artist duo works from their studio in Amsterdam on a set of interrelated research-based projects titled The Man-Made History of Today.