Michou Nanon de Bruijn - Studio Makkink and Bey

Guiding Design Studios

Michou Nanon de Bruijn uses design as a medium to communicate her research and future visions to the public. To stimulate discussions, and create awareness of global and local problems. In her working process, she does not divorce a product from its surrounding. Material and immaterial connections are made to build spatial systems. These systems are the nutrition for her physical design work.

She is a Senior Designer at Studio Makkink & Bey.

Studio Makkink and Bey were established in 2002 by architect Rianne Makkink and designer Jurgen Bey. Their multidisciplinary design practice has worked on a range of diverse projects in public space, product design, architecture, exhibition design and the applied arts. Their work constantly questions and probes the received notions of design culture. In more than 200 projects, commissioned by museums, galleries, companies, and private commissioners a design vision is delivered in which the form of a design follows from its context. In their eyes, urban planning, architecture, and landscape architecture are inextricably connected to product design.

The studio’s work and resulting pieces are often an inquiry into the delineations in public and private time and space as well as the role of the object we use within these spheres. A hallmark of the studio's work is to engage our perceptions of a product's purpose, re-defining functional objects by infusing them with new narratives. Their pieces hence play with our ideas of value.