Noa Marthe Prins

Design Research

Noa Marthe Prins is a performance artist and writer based in Amsterdam. Drawing from tactics of resistance theater and comedy, she explores the relations between exploitative productivity and the performativity of work.

Manifested as what she calls “white-cube-theater” or “serious satire”, Noa Marthe proposes a radical rethinking of the totalisation of work under neoliberal capitalism. Her performances and installations address (o.a.) the false promise of labour-saving technologies; the body as mystified mining site; devaluation of women’s work; the absurdity of (self)optimisation in professional climates; refusal of work; work as waste; wage-theft and the theatrics of art-world CV-bluffing.

Recent shows and performances include Gaslight at Het Resort, Groningen; Window of Opportunity, Out of Office at Impakt Festival Utrecht; Curriculum Veto at Het Nationale Theater, The Hague; Gossip Prevents Harm at Frappant Galerie, Kultursommer Hamburg; False Colours at Forecast Berlin and Sanity is Something Better Outsourced at Dialogfelder Chemnitz.

Prins teaches design/artistic research and is currently a research-fellow at the Deep Future Lectorate of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague. In 2020 she co-founded Art Goss: A platform for high effort art gossip.

Marthe Prins is member of Lectorate Design's Deep Futures Research Group 23-24 and has participated in the KABK Research Group 2019.