Marthe Prins

Design Research

Marthe Prins is an artist, researcher and activist based in Amsterdam. They study the visual languages that shape sites of knowledge production, seeking to steer the course of its validation away from oppressive “enlightened” patriarchal practices.

Materialised in exhibition spaces, through performing bodies and between class rooms home and abroad — their recent works plea for gossip as political practice, address the visual rhetorics of privatised border security, stage a linguistic PA singing songs to ‘semio-capital’, quantify spiritual individualised labour and, point towards the ‘indexing graphic’ as key figure in the rise of a sophio-fascism.

Prins engages in the transfer, sharing and production of knowledge through art education since 2015. Currently they develop the course Design Inquiry Group for the BA Graphic Design, as well as guide the MA students of the Critical Inquiry Lab of Design Academy Eindhoven with the materialisation of their theses.