Marthe Prins

Marthe Prins is a tutor in Art Philosophy in the Preparatory Year at the KABK and a tutor in Visual Research in the Practicum Artium talent program (Graphic Design) of the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, KABK/Leiden University.

She collaborates with Benedikt Weishaupt (Berlin, DE) as Confusion of Tongues. Together, they also teach the KABK elective PlayLab at the BA Graphic Design. Confusion of Tongues mediates design-research through performance, exhibition and text. Prins and Weishaupt question the visual rhetorics and image production of western neoliberal protagonists, seeking to shift the course of their validation, in a place where images constitute reality. Their current projects address the rhetorics of privatised border security, of an unearthly linguistic PA singing songs to ‘semio-capital’, of quantified-spiritualised individual labour and of the ‘indexing graphic’ as key figure in the rise of a sophio-fascism.

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