Manon Bovenkerk

Artist - professional practice

Manon Bovenkerk is a producer, programmer, and visual artist, who works in film and film related arts. She is the founder of Near/by film, a production agency with a focus on experimental documentary and fiction, essay film and artist’s films. As a producer at near/by film, she is actively involved with both conceptual and formal development, and her aim is to provide an environment in which collaboration, shared responsibility, risk-taking, and curiosity are fundamental.

Manon has worked as a curator for ZAAL5/Filmhuis Den Haag, Urban Explorers Festival and independent exhibition spaces, and is an advisor for Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, Stroom Den Haag and makes thematic film programs for various film festivals and venues. She has exhibited her own animation work at both fine art and film festival venues, including Centraal Museum, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, KW14, Wetering Galerie, and Kunsthalle Hamburg.