Maartje Nevejan

Documentary Film

Maartje Nevejan (she/her) started out as as a more or less investigative documentary maker in 2000, after a ten year stroll through the theater and new media world. For 20 years she is making films, tv- series, art projects, ballets, exhibitions, and Persian carpets, both in the Netherlands for BNN and Human and abroad in Sudan, Iran and working for international network Al Jazeera.

Nevejan's work was awarded and nominated for an Emmy, a Rose d’Or, a Golden Calf, Dutch Directors Guild etc.

"After I did my orbit around the earth , I changed my perspective in 2015 from looking outside, towards looking Inside. It is now my quest to find ways and techniques for visualising our innerworlds.

How and why do we perceive the world as we do?

This fall (2021) I will present my new film “Descending the mountain” , the second feature film I made about inner experiences and I see it as a sequel to my last film “Are you there?”. There will be more, this is just the beginning of a new land to be discovered."
For me , dealing with fenomenological complicated feelings and thoughts, on the threshold of so many scientific and technological discoveries in this field is the most exiting area I could be in right now.
Maartje Nevejan