GIRLS LIKE US - Jessica Gysel and Marnie Slater


Brussels-based artists Jessica Gysel and Marnie Slater visited us as representatives of the three-person editorial team of GIRLS LIKE US, an independent magazine,

“turning the spotlight on an international expanding community of women from all genders within arts, culture and activism. Through personal stories, essays and vanguard visuals GIRLS LIKE US unfolds feminist legacies in arts and writing. Mixing politics with pleasure, the magazine is mapping collaborative routes towards a non-patriarchy.”

Jessica Gysel is a Belgian writer, artist and activist, and is also founder of Girls Heart Brussels, a weekend festival and travel-offer.

Marnie Slater is an artist, and originally from New Zealand. Her practice engages with multiple formats, including sculpture, collaboration, writing, performance, painting and installation. Marnie is also part of the artist collective All the Cunning Stunts.