Gabriel .A. Maher

Gabriel A. Maher is a tutor in the BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design . With a practice established in Interior Architecture and Social Design, Maher’s work centres on critical and analytical approaches to design and research – and, more specifically, on the effects of design and designing on bodies and the shaping of identity.

Maher’s position and approach questions design and media practices through queer and feminist frameworks. To articulate, physicalise and activate this position, Maher seeks to create situations where research and design come together in performance. Pedagogic exchange is integral to this approach. Besides tutoring at the KABK, Maher is also a mentor at the Design Academy Eindhoven. For these institutions, Maher collaborates with students on relationships between gender and identity in design as well as performativity. These collaborations work to establish accountable foundations from which to approach design practice. Maher uses the gender pronouns they/them/theirs.