Doepelstrijkers - Eline Strijkers

Visiting tutor

Eline Strijkers studied Design and Communication in Rotterdam and Interior Architecture at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Having worked for MVRDV for five years, she started Strijkers office.

Since 2007 she is co-founder of DoepelStrijkers and works in multi-disciplinary teams on projects in the field of interior architecture, architecture and urban strategies. Strijkers won national and international prizes with her work, participates in juries and commissions in the field of interior and architecture, takes part in debates about the future of the build environment, is an external critic and supervisor at several Academies of Art and Architecture and schools of architecture. She gives lectures and masterclasses and has participated in the working experience period for amendments to the Law regarding the Architect title and is active as a teacher and field expert in the accreditation of Masters of Interior Architecture.

Her office bridges the gap between art and science with intelligent design and strategic interventions. Driven by a fascination for aesthetics with substance, the office generates works which transcend the spatial by creating social, ecological and economic value. Giving form to the process and the financing are just as important as the design itself. She has a firm belief that design can act as an agent for social renewal leading to strategies that contribute to a ‘circular’ and ‘inclusive’ economy. ‘Circular’ by closing energy, water, waste and material cycles. ‘Inclusive’ by creating implementation trajectories that empower people distanced from the labour market. This ambition impacts on the design criteria per project and adds an often hidden layer of meaning to the works.