Christine Wertheim


Christine Wertheim is a published poet, performer, critic, curator, crafter and collaborator. She has published eight books including three poetic suites, The Book of Me, mUtter-bAbel, and +|’me’S-pace; experiments in auto-bio-graphy that fuse graphics and text. In performance these become a quite unique poetic form. She is also a senior tutor at Cal-Arts, Los Angeles.

Christine and her sister Margaret Wertheim developed the Crochet Coral Reef Project, a work of collective labour that has been called “The AIDS quilt of global warming,” and Donna Haraway has written of it as a collective project that “opens up still possible times for flourishing on a diverse earth.”

Christine engaged with the Master Artistic Research department as part of our Research Week Intensive Covid-19 and the Climate Emergency.