Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman

Aurality and Orality

Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman teaches Aurality and Orality at the Master Non Linear Narrative (NLN) department at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman (Karago, Rwanda, She/Her) studied musical composition, radio documentary, western classical and jazz singing. Her work, a synthesis of radio art and musical theatre from an Afro-European perspective, has been described as: pioneering, bold, provocative and delicate.

She brings unique stories to life in an accessible ánd innovative way: often based on acoustic sounds and soundscapes that she moves around like 3D cinema for the ears. Her main focus is the (non) human voice, as well as her many personally gathered field recordings from East-Africa. She collaborates with other artists in a variety of disciplines and fields and has won many prizes at home and abroad.