Andrea Stultiens

Studio/Graduation/Writing tutor

As a member of the Master Photography and Society team, Andrea contributes a focus on photography as a social practice in which photographers work with human and non-human actors, rather than make picture of, or tell stories about them. In Year 1 of the master programme she acts as a Studio tutor and in Year 2 as Theory tutor.

Short bio

Andrea Stultiens (1974) runs a hybrid artistic practice in which she continuously switches roles; from photographer to researcher, from curator to teacher. Her main focus is on photographs in relation to the ways in which particular histories are presented. Since 2007 Andrea mainly works with photographs made on the African continent. She thinks of her artistic and research practice as a non-hierarchical Collective Making that is necessary to explore photographic imagery in complex and potentially problematic post-colonial settings.

Andrea was educated in the Netherlands. She received a Bfa in photography from HKU University of the Arts (1998), an Mfa from AKV St Joost in Breda (2001), and an MA in photographic studies from Leiden University (2012). In 2018 she successfully defended a doctoral research, conducted at PhDArts / Leiden University, titled 'Ebifananyi, a study of photographs in Uganda in and through an artistic practice'.

In July 2019, Stultiens received funding from the Idea Generator programme of the Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA) for 'Reframing PJU, a contribution to current discussions on the decolonisation of museum collections and the development of experimental qualitative research methods'.