Studium Generale: WxtchCraft Spring cycle sessions 2020-2021

Wxtch Craft and Casco Art Institute are pleased to co-present the final two online gatherings in the Spring cycle the poisons, the remedies, where wxtch craft is traversed as a queer feminist and librartory practice. A rich exploration of embodied social change, transformative justice and many related practices thriving in this ecosystem of radical care.

The two last sessions with Wxtch Craft explore how language can aid between the (un)known and ready to be named.

  • 13 May: Access Intimacy with Mia Mingus, opening contribution by Not a Playground (watch the recording)
  • 20 May, 18.30-20.00 CET
    Barn's burnt down – now I can see the moon with CA Conrad, Camisha L. Jones, and Ching-In Chen
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This collaboration is hosted by Staci Bu Shea and Leana Boven, and includes graphic recordings by Radical Roadmaps for each event.

In the Spring cycle the poisons, the remedies, we started from the premise that reparative processes are necessary for individual and collective healing in regards to violences on institutional and interpersonal levels. It’s in the aftermath of harm that opportunities to respond and demonstrate accountability reveal themselves: by apologizing – for starters – and making a contribution (both material and immaterial) towards repair and a commitment to changed behavior for the long haul. Yet there is more. Healing from harm and preventing harm are entangled processes to build our collective strength against oppression. We need models that hold both our grief and joy.

Preventive frameworks and practices can help to strengthen the protective factors of our institutions and relationships (spaces where we feel heard, safe, affirmed, and also accountable). We find that the only way forward in transforming our work with art institutions toward deep mutual understanding is to organize from a survivor-centered and accountable approach. We also think broadening notions of political and interpersonal intimacies and poetics can be part of our preventive model. These two sessions with Wxtch Craft explore how language can aid between the (un)known and ready to be named.

Barn's burnt down – now I can see the moon with CAConrad, Camisha L. Jones, and Ching-In Chen

Drawn from a haiku by 17th century Japanese poet Mizuta Masahide, Barn’s burnt down – now I can see the moon is a poetry roundtable that centers around how articulating the ways struggle, pain and loss inevitably changes us also opens possibilities for careful attention, new forms of connection, and unlocked essential wisdom. For the second online event and final digital coven of the Wxtch Craft 20/21 season, we gather around readings by three poets: CAConrad, Camisha L. Jones, and Ching-In Chen. They read from their work and discuss how poetry helps to understand and translate difficult experiences, and complicates simple narratives of healing or solutions to be “cured” and “fixed.” Instead, it informs our nexus of Disability justice, intergenerational witnessing, and holding space for grief.

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The program may be susceptible to changes. Keep an eye on our instagram for the latest updates!

These lectures are public and open to everyone, also from outside the academy. A link to a ZOOM-meeting will be published on the day of the event. Priority for participation will be given to students of the KABK.

Accessibility: Live Captions will be available and there will be a transcript with the recording. The recordings of the sessions will be published a few days after the live events here.



20 mei 2021 19.30 - 21:00


online via Zoom

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Staci Bu Shea and Leana Boven invite Ching-In Chen, Not a Playground, Radical Roadmaps, and more friends to be announced, co-presented by Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons