23/03/2017 - Studium Generale Lecture "What Is the Secret of the Noodle Soup?" - Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti

The theme of this lecture / performance will be listening, and the awareness of it. In what way a particular emphasis a ects the essential qualities and structures of our experience. About literally listening to space, sounds, body, thoughts and other people. About abstract listening, listening to your imagination or inner urge.

Do you have a choice in that sense? Or are the accents in listening often of an unconscious nature? How does that a ect you in your own life and decision making? People who listen to each other have more power together. The noodle secret re ects on the listening and being heard in the sensory, physical and political association. The physical approach, phenomenology, picture, sound and equipment are equally important in Ferragutti’s research. To invite the visitor to compose, listen and imagine the elements of space, time and concentration.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti (Cochabamba, 1979) was born in Bolivia and grew up in Brazil. She studied classical piano for many years and contemporary dance in both countries. From 2002 onwards she lives in Amsterdam where she graduated from the Mime School at the Amsterdam University of the Arts in 2006. Since then she has worked as an actor, maker, musician and performer in her own work. She collaborated and worked with various artists, theater groups and composers, such as Schweigman&, Bambie, Nicole Beutler, Germaine Kruip, Elvari Wersche, Paul Koek, OKAPI orchestra, Stichting dOek, The Paper Ensemble and the OBOL LE band. In her own practice she performed at W139 (Amsterdam) with her work Selvage, at the opening of The Busan Biennale (South Korea) and at the Museum Night in Arti&Amicitiae (Amsterdam).

Poster for the KABK Studium Generale lecture given by Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti on 23 March 2017
Studium Generale lecture series poster design by Gilles de Brock

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23 maart 2017 16.00 - 17:30


KABK Auditorium