19/11/2015 Studium Generale lecture 'Super Stream Me' - Nicolaas Veul

To investigate the current 'attention culture', Veul and his friend Tim den Besten gave up their privacy and streamed their lives 24/7 for 15 days. What happens when everything you do is watched by others?

'Super Stream Me'

Together with his friend and colleague Tim den Besten, Nicolaas Veul gave up his privacy for three weeks, by live-streaming their daily activities. With a small camera, targeting both themselves and the other, they record every movement, conversation and even their sleep. Viewers can follow their lives on the internet and leave comments, though they do have to choose for either Nicolaas or Tim. The duo sees Super Stream Me as a psychological experiment. For them, the experiment deals with the future of social media: ‘Now we still have a possibility of choosing what appears on the internet, and which filter we use to control its appearance. Everyone on Facebook, therefore, is beautiful, happy and satisfied. But, what if you won’t be able to choose anymore? What if your life has become one big status update?’

The documentary Super Stream Me can be seen at NPO3, after its release in November 2015

Nicolaas Veul followed Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Together with his friend and producer Tim den Besten, he created high-profile and controversial programs for Dutch television. In Een man weet niet wat hij mist (A Man Doesn’t Know What He’s Missing) they explore the boundaries of their own sexuality. Both are gay, or at least, so they think. Nicolaas did sleep with a girl before, but Tim never did. He wonders how ‘gay’ he really is and whether it is possible for him to enjoy sleeping with a woman. In Oudtopia they spend one month of their life in a nursing home to get in touch with the elderly people of today. Gay-k 2012 is their report of the gay pride in Ukraine, which is brutally disrupted by gay haters.

Poster for the KABK Studium Generale lecture 'Super Stream Me' by Nicolaas Veul
Studium Generale lecture series 'We Are The Narcissistic Generation' poster design by Gilles de Brock



19 november 2015 16.00 - 19:30


KABK Auditorium