21/04/2016 Studium Generale lecture 'The Other Way, Together' - Thierry Oussou

Studium Generale lecture delivered together with 'The White-Man's Burden' by Jeroen de Lange

During Rijksakademie OPEN 2015 Oussou showed a new installation. The starting point was an oral history recorded on a cassette tape. The story was narrated by a traditional singer in Fon, the language of the region of Allada, Benin. It dates back to the 13th century and tells about the royal family’s history, which is Oussou’s history as well as that of historical figures like François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture. It’s a story of migration, love, war, a search for power – topics that still dominate the world. By making a first official translation into English and French Oussou makes this oral history accessible in order to discuss its contemporaneity and universality.

Thierry Oussou is an autodidact, but was picked up by the art world by winning numerous awards. In 2012 he was selected for a photography studio at the Biennale in Benin. Thierry is best known for his videos. For admission to the Rijksacademie, he made an experimental documentary based on the four elements that was presented in the House of Cultural and Social Cohesion in Molenbeek, Brussels. He won at the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo Oneminute the prize for 'Local Spirit'.

Students react to Jeroen de Lange's lecture with an artwork presented at the entrance hall of the academy

Students react to Jeroen de Lange's lecture with an artwork presented at the entrance hall of the KABK
Artwork by Trijntje Noske & Leonie Schneider

The metal construction in form of a high seat like in tennis matches or at the swimming pool is a symbol for authority. A leather to climb up for success or a position of power. But the construction leads to a few wooden planks that are placed and not fixed. The work is proposing a certain function or power but doesn't fulfil these promises, as it's incomplete. It refers to 9 to 5 working and the disfunction and struggle in such a system. This work is based on Jeroen de Langes story. – by Leonie Schneider en Trijntje Noske

Poster for the KABK Studium Generale lecture given by Jeroen de Lange
Studium Generale lecture series 'We Are The Narcissistic Generation' poster design by Gilles de Brock



21 april 2016 16.00 - 17:30


KABK Auditorium