‘Making Books Together’ with 'Love, Friends and Hard Work’

On December 1 from 13.30 – 19.00 pm the Graphic Design Department hosts an afternoon fully dedicated to B O O K M A K I N G. The conference is the end of the traveling exhibition ‘Making Books Together’ displaying in depth 19 books of publishing house Éditions-Non–Standard. After Le Havre/ Une Saison Graphique 2020, Esad Amiens 2022, Ésal Metz, our academy will be the next stop.

All aspects of content gathering and development, design challenges, production possibilities and self-publishing expertise are intimately interconnected by the people behind bookmaking.

In the conference ‘Love, Friends and Hard Work’ we will talk about the production of books with Élodie Boyer (publisher), internationally renowned designer Karel Martens (designer/artist), Sébastien Morlighem (author/professor) and Stefano van der Knaap (creative director/printmaker). The talks will be moderated by Chantal Hendriksen (co-head of the Graphic Design Department).

The exhibition ‘Making Books Together’ opens from Tuesday 29 November, closing on Thursday 1 December in Gallery 4 (near the canteen), and is open to the public during opening hours. Do feel free to have a look!

We have limited seats at the conference, use this rsvp link to request a seat. Students and tutors of the Graphic Design Department with RSVP have priority to attend. 



1 december 2022 13.30 - 19:00


Gallery 4 (near the canteen) at KABK, Prinsessegracht 4