MA Artistic Research students present The Ongoing Conversation #5

The Ongoing Conversation #5, is part five of The Ongoing Conversation, a long term collaboration between students of the MA Artistic Research of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and 1646, which for the first time will take place with the first year students of the program.

For the Ongoing Conversation #5, during a period of two and a half months, the team of 1646 conducted several studio visits with each student to guide the development of new work for this collaborative project. Throughout this process of conversations, the final form for the project is developed, considering the diversity of unrelated practices together. Each year’s edition has taken a different form, from a series of solo exhibitions, to an elaborated one day event with a extensive program of performances including external locations… For its fifth edition, the project will be a more classical group exhibition. Despite the differences in research topics and visual qualities between the artists, the exhibition will explore ways to generate a dialogue between the different works.

Strung together, these milestones will create a combined itinerary with works by Mel Chan (HK, 1980), Arthur Cordier (BE, 1993), Lucy Engelman (US, 1987), Matthew James Lanning (NL, 1993), Daisy Madden Wells (UK, 1992), Katrina Niebergal (CA, 1986), Angel Orellana (GT, 1985), Helena Sanders (US, 1983)



8 juni 2018 19.00 - 17 juni 2018 17.00


Boekhorststraat 125
2512 CN Den Haag

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Part of Holaa! Festival
8 June: 19.00 - 23.00 (Hoogtij#53)
9+10 June: 13.00-17.00 (Holaa! Festival)
11-17 June: regular opening hours 1646