'In the shelves above the Bars' of Photography students and MA Artistic Research alum

From May 27th - June 24th you can find the works of KABK students Thomas van Poppel (second year Photography), Anna Masiukiewicz (third year Photography), Clara Sharell (fourth year Photography) and Emily Stevenhagen (MA Artistic Research, 2022) all around the Amare building.

The works will be located at the bars on floor 1, 2 and 3, as well as in the Spinozafoyer (1st floor) and the Stadskantine (3rd floor). Organised and curated by Clara Sharell and Emily Stevenhagen, who also present work in the show, six up-and-coming artists display their paintings, photographs, and more in the shelves behind the bars. Inspired by conversations we had during slow moments in shifts, working behind the bars together, waiting for people to collect their coats, and the ways some of our practices overlapped, and how we approached our work/art balances, the exhibition aims to showcase the creative background of people who serve the public everyday, within the framework of a building where they met, and spend much of their time.

Find the work:

Bar 1st floor: Thomas van Poppel
Bar 2nd floor: Emily Stevenhagen
Bar 3rd floor: Dax Niesten
Stadskantine: Clara Sharell + Noa Weijers
Spinozafoyer (1st floor): Anna Masiukiewicz



27 mei 2023 00.00 - 24 juni 2023 00.00


Amare Bars at foyer 1, 2, 3, Spinozafoyer and Stadskantine

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Opening event: Foyer 1, 27 May, 19.00
Tours: 27 May at 19.45 and 21.15